Education organizations have unique requirements for their fire, security and communications systems. Protecting the safety of your students and faculty is your number one priority, but financial resources are often stretched thin. With our specialized higher education experience, we can help you address the complexities of operating in a multi-faceted environment that can bring any number of life-safety challenges to your door.

The realities of a changed world demand more sophisticated systems. We can design solutions that layer levels of protection with a multi-technology, integrated approach that won’t increase your management workload.  An integrated system automates a chain of responses to a fire or security event: camera recordings, emergency notification and public address, lockdowns, and contact with first responders. With safety platforms merged together in an integrated way, our solutions simplify building operations and reduce your administrative burden.

Our specialists can help you plan and install complete security and life-safety solutions for classrooms, educational and administrative buildings, sports and athletic complexes and other educational facilities. Whether you’re considering new construction, upgrades or retrofits, we can be your single-source provider for solutions that can be integrated and networked for granularity of information. Our solutions employ fire alarm systems, intrusion detection and burglar alarms, visitor management systems, video intercom systems, school video surveillance systems, and building access control. We can also keep your equipment operating at its best. We offer service across Canada and are ready for testing and inspection, preventive maintenance, or 24/7 emergency service.

Safer Schools Protected by Total Solutions

  • Access control to monitor and manage visitor, staff and student entry
  • Advanced detection and alarm solutions to help you to safeguard employees and students
  • Comprehensive solutions scaled to meet any budget and any size challenge
  • Internal and external video surveillance for buildings, parking lots and perimeters with 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Intrusion detection solutions to protect buildings and facilities
  • Integrated intercom/public address systems with advanced notification technology
  • Web-based, instant alert notification for broadcasting via phone, fax and email
  • Notification system provides students and emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency
  • Fire safety solutions to help mitigate and manage natural or man-made disasters
  • One call offers a total single-source solution across all fire protection, life safety, security and communications needs
  • Unique ability to work with systems from any manufacturer means that all your systems work together as an integrated whole*
  • Local offices keep your premises in compliance with local codes and regulations
  • 24/7 emergency service

*Restrictions may apply, based on manufacturer requirements

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