Tyco has brought together its fire and security businesses in Canada. As a combined business, Tyco SimplexGrinnell and Tyco Integrated Security are now using the brand name Tyco Integrated Fire & Security. By establishing this combined company, we have strengthened our ability to advance safety and security for our customers and serve the unique needs of the Canadian market in a wide variety of industries. Please review our videos to learn more about the many products and services we can offer your business.

  • Biggest Trends in the Security Industry

    Biggest Trends in the Security Industry

    Watch Hank Monaco, VP of Commercial Marketing, discuss new security trends including the rise of outsourcing and managed services, and the growth of video surveillance, including real-time video.

  • AS1000 video

    AS1000 video

    Tyco Integrated fire & Security’s AS1000 system automatically calculates worked hours including overtime while tracking benefit time for up to 1,000 employees.  View comprehensive payroll and attendance data on screen, printed reports, or exported to your existing payroll system for a seamless punch to paycheck solution.

  • AS2000 video

    AS2000 video

    The AS2000 is a complete time, attendance and access control system using face recognition technology to instantly identify employees.  It provides a touchless, hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers, while still eliminating the need for cards and badges.  Employees simply look at the clock and within seconds are identified and clocked in for work.

  • How To: Time Stamp Adjustment

    How To: Time Stamp Adjustment

    Simplex Time/Date stamps have countless applications.  Banks use them to validate deposit slips, brokerages to register the sale of securities, hotels to document receipts, reservations, requests and more.  So, when you're time/date stamp needs adjusting, we're here as your resource.

  • Roadmap to Integration

    Roadmap to Integration

    With so many moving parts to a company, organizing and securing business processes can be a daunting task. Tyco Integrated Fire & Security provides fully integrated solutions to help optimize and protect your business. This video looks at the steps towards building a security infrastructure that can give your company a competitive advantage.

  • SIMPLEX 4007ES

    SIMPLEX 4007ES

    Our next-generation SIMPLEX 4007ES fire panel offers sophisticated features and installation flexibility in a compact, streamlined design. It’s a great solution for small to mid-size buildings. Watch a video about the benefits of the SIMPLEX 4007ES now.