Comprehensive protection for the backbone of today’s business. Data centres are critical to the smooth operation of modern business, whether you have a small, in-house "server room” or a massive facility with countless racks and rows. Data centres are expected to be 100 percent available, 24/7. Downtime is costly and creates frustration and dissatisfaction for your users and customers.The explosion of big data, the cloud, and other emerging technologies has made data centre integrity more vital than ever.

We provide customized fire protection, security, and life safety solutions to meet your specific and mission critical requirements, as well as maintenance and service programs that can help you keep your data centres performing at their best. We can design our systems to help you to stay protected in the event of a fire or catastrophic event as well as develop life safety contingencies for unique environments that leverage our early detection and remote diagnostics technologies. Our layered, multi-technology approach to security helps you better control, monitor and document activity through key elements such as physical and electronic access control, intrusion alerts, video analytics, and HD video display, and use smart tools to control your security systems from a single interface. Our proven reliability and forward-thinking features work together for comprehensive protection.

Creating Comprehensive Protection

  • Protect your critical IT equipment from damage
  • Around-the-clock temperature and humidity monitoring to keep servers within operational limits
  • Video surveillance for eyes-on security; digital recording and management of video activity
  • Remote management tools for video surveillance using any smartphone or tablet
  • Fire safety solutions to detect and counteract fire emergencies
  • Sophisticated systems for specialized fire protection and suppression solutions
  • Networked solutions to enable control from a single location
  • Intrusion detection to protect buildings and facilities
  • Electronic and biometric access control to restrict sensitive areas

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