Solutions for national clients with multiple locations. The Tyco Integrated Fire & Security National Accounts program can help you streamline your security and life-safety service management, from installing a new solution, retrofitting a previous investment, or implementing cost-saving standardization. We can tailor your unique corporate standards and package services for greater predictability of expenses.

Just one call to us connects you to a total, single-source solution across all fire protection, security, life safety, and communications needs. Hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, and manufacturing are just a few examples of organizations with multiple sites that can benefit from centralizing control.

Our National Accounts Team’s planning and servicing support help you maintain consistency across your multiple locations. Our thorough testing reinforces your brand standards and can help you keep your diverse locations in compliance. Because corporate standards can be more stringent than those of regulating authorities, we educate our local staff about your requirements.  

We’ll work with you on comprehensive coverage plans and standardized reports to help you to make comparisons across your properties, and we can analyze your call history to explore ways to help you to minimize risks as your systems age.

As your single source for both installation and service, we help you consolidate your efforts, reducing the demands on your staff and streamlining testing, inspection and maintenance of all your fire, security, and life safety systems. Our service specialists are well-trained. They receive uniform training and use proven processes to keep your system's code compliant and at peak performance with testing, inspection, maintenance, 24/7 emergency repair and central monitoring services.

National Properties Protected By A Total Solutions Provider

  • Single-source provider for both installation and service helps you consolidate your efforts and reduce demands on your staff
  • One call offers a total solution across all fire protection, security, life safety, and communications needs
  • The National Accounts team helps maintain your corporate standards across diverse properties
  • Comprehensive coverage plans can help you maintain specific budgets across multiple years for simpler financial planning
  • Flexible service solutions can be tailored to your enterprise-wide standards
  • Local office service specialists can provide testing and inspection, 24/7 emergency repair, maintenance, and central monitoring
  • Service specialists receive uniform training and use proven processes, helping to keep you in compliance with local and national codes and regulations

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