Vital protection for your people, facilities, products and processes. Manufacturing isn’t a simple industry. You deal in materials, processes, inventory, and moving your products to market. Downtime is costly. Business continuity is essential. Fire, security, and life safety protections are vital. Every manufacturer, regardless of size, shares some common key challenges. These challenges can range from safe arrival of parts and raw materials, secure manufacturing processes to protection against theft, accidents and fire, or reliable delivery of finished goods to ensure customer satisfaction. We can take the guesswork out of how to help your to protect the manufacturing business you worked so hard to build. We can help you assess the internal and external threats facing your operations and develop tailored, end-to-end solutions that can improve the safety, security, and productivity of your operations.

From small business to enterprise operations, manufacturers trust our industry-leading fire protection and security solutions. We can design, customize, install and service a comprehensive array of networked and integrated fire alarm, security, sprinkler, suppression and communication systems, addressing any unique hazards in your particular manufacturing processes, or potential hazards such as theft, material sabotage, and workplace violence. We offer intelligent, networked fire alarm control panels that will tie many of your life safety systems together —, emergency communication, access control and video surveillance systems. Our value-added security services include around-the-clock security monitoring of critical manufacturing conditions such as temperature and humidity. Whether you’re concerned about theft of raw materials or with securing plant operations to prevent cross-contamination and beyond, we bring the advantage of experience across a range of manufacturing facilities, providing customized and turnkey, fire protection, security and life safety solutions, as well as the maintenance and service that keeps them performing at their best.

Creating Comprehensive Protection

  • Expertly planned fire detection systems, leveraging the latest technologies for even the harshest environments
  • Comprehensive emergency communications that integrate seamlessly with your fire alarm panel and can provide clear instruction to help you to protect your employees and your facility
  • Comprehensive, cost-effective service plans that include ongoing testing, inspection, and maintenance to keep your systems operating reliably
  • Advanced fire protection and life safety systems with remote alerts and diagnostics
  • Next-generation life safety platforms for added power, Internet connectivity and remote service capabilities
  • Sophisticated systems for sites where specialized fire protection and suppression solutions may be needed
  • Monitored security systems to help you to protect your building, inventory and manufacturing equipment 24/7/365
  • Video surveillance for eyes-on security; digital recording and management of video activity
  • Card and biometric access control; Help control access to your front office, inventory and crucial operating areas such as receiving docks
  • Arm or disarm your security system remotely and receive alerts for critical events on any Web-enabled device

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