Loss of productivity is an industry nightmare. If a fire or security breach threatens a tank or vessel, you could face a shutdown that costs millions. That’s why industry professionals turn to Tyco Integrated Fire & Security. As a comprehensive, single-source provider of an array of networked and integrated fire, security, life safety, and communication systems, we can help you manage your risk and optimize protection for your most critical assets.

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security offers leading solutions to help protect the petrochemical industry’s critical points of operations and help ensure uninterrupted flow of business.  We provide comprehensive protection of chemical and energy facilities, from plants and terminals to truck or rail car loading stations.  We bring the advantage of experience, helping you to safeguard your people and property, your assets and processes, with our sophisticated fire protection and special hazard solutions such as dry chemical, water mist, deluge and more, as well as gas and clean agent suppression systems. We also offer comprehensive security protection that offers increased perimeter protection, improved critical asset protection and more secure entry at external and internal access points. 

As we design, manufacture, install and service your systems, our goal is clear — to help mitigate the devastating effects that fire or security events can have on your workers, your operations, your production, and those dependent on your uninterrupted supply. 

Creating Comprehensive Protection

  • Advanced special hazards technologies help to safeguard coal, natural gas, hydroelectric and waste-to-energy plants
  • Support and expert consultation before, during and after installation that can help minimize your lifetime system costs
  • Custom or turnkey, single-source fire and life safety solutions
  • Security solutions for increased perimeter protection and improved critical asset protection
  • Tight integration to provide swift response and minimize impact on operations
  • “Zero Harm” commitment to deliver the highest quality products and services, while protecting people and the environment
  • More secure entry at external and internal access points; ease of monitoring on- or off-site
  • Increased operational compliance and safety; employee safety tracking
  • Video surveillance including remote viewing and management
  • Electronic and biometric access control to restrict sensitive areas

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