Pharmaceutical theft can happen at any point in the supply and distribution chain — from manufacturing to pharmacy shelves. We are experts at helping to protect access to buildings, cargo and sensitive facilities and combine these defensive capabilities with the latest video and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to monitor pharmaceuticals in an unbroken chain from plant to patient. Not only do these methods help protect against outside threats, they can monitor every movement of pharmaceuticals within your facilities to help protect against internal misappropriation. Whether you’re a manufacturer, shipper, wholesaler, retailer or medical professional, we can help you identify weak points and put measures in place to counter even the most dedicated thieves.

But we don’t stop there.  We can also provide end-to-end fire protection across your infrastructure.  With unmatched expertise in protecting high-risk, high-value environments, we provide system planning, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems with specialized detection and extinguishing agents specifically for pharmaceutical environments. 

Safeguarding and Securing Pharmaceuticals at Every Point

  • Complete system integration for enhanced fire, security, and life safety management
  • Comprehensive, fail-safe security solutions based on your specific needs
  • Single-source fire detection and suppression solutions that work to quickly suppress and contain fire
  • World-class monitoring and remote video services for access control with records of property entry
  • Easy to manage electronic and biometric access control
  • Web-based security management including alerts and remote video look-in
  • Card access grants access to sensitive areas only to authorized personnel at authorized times
  • Video Surveillance & Recording can help prevent loss before it happens and provide valuable evidence should a crime occur
  • RFID for real-time location tracking, discrete and deployed with any level of granularity that you require — from trucks to crates to individual pharmaceutical packages
  • Flexible, reliable, cost-effective and highly scalable life safety systems that can evolve with your needs
  • Sophisticated systems for sites where specialized fire protection and suppression solutions may be needed

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