Address the unique safety and security needs of your restaurant business. We can provide end-to-end coverage across your infrastructure: fire systems, security, alarm, and other critical sensor devices. From fire alarms to fire sprinklers, video surveillance to access control, emergency and exit lighting to kitchen hood fire suppression, we are a single-source provider of systems to protect your guests and property.

A critical part of your business is creating a certain atmosphere for your guests, and that includes minimizing any disruptions.  We are a premier building systems integrator, helping your systems work together for optimal protection while simplifying your management of fire and life safety solutions.  We can help you with solutions that keep your premises safe and secure.  When facing security concerns stemming from employees, customers, and your inventory, we offer security solutions that can help cover all of your potentially vulnerable areas. Additionally, we provide fire alarm, fire sprinkler and kitchen hood fire suppression products and services to keep your restaurant running at its best. 

Whether you’re a local restaurant with one location or a chain restaurant operation with multiple locations, our specialists can help you protect every aspect of your operations and develop new business intelligence that can take your restaurant business to new levels of profitability.

Safer, Smarter Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

  • Sophisticated systems for sites where specialized fire protection and suppression solutions may be needed
  • Integrated video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Intrusion detection to fight theft whether open or closed
  • Remote monitoring of business hours and security; track daily open and close times; arm/disarm your system from any Web-enabled device
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in freezers and other critical areas
  • Access control systems to manage access to sensitive areas
  • Fleet management to monitor delivery drivers and vehicles in real time
  • Video analytics for insights into customer traffic, customer service, and maximizing restaurant profitability
  • The only call you need to make for testing, inspection, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair

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