Protecting life and property brings peace of mind to you and your tenants. Commercial property managers face a myriad of fire and life safety issues, with security playing a prominent role. We work with your property management teams to tailor solutions for each property, whether you need a discreet building lobby security system, a conventional sprinkler or Special Hazards suppression system, or sophisticated access control and intrusion protection. We are a premier building systems integrator and single-source provider, helping your systems work together for peak protection while simplifying your fire, security, and life safety management. Our integrated, multi-technology approach layers solutions tailored to your specific challenges, helping you to address a wide range of vulnerabilities and helps to better protect your tenants, staff and properties. And when it comes to keeping your systems code compliant and at peak performance, we’re the only call you need to make for testing, inspection, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair.

Creating Comprehensive Property Protection

  • Complete system integration for enhanced fire protection and security management
  • Security risk assessment of traffic patterns, neighbourhood threats and other weaknesses
  • Complimentary fire and life safety risk review and recommendations
  • Monitored alarms to protect sensitive areas 24/7/365
  • Internal and external video surveillance for buildings and parking lots
  • World-class monitoring and remote video services for access control and a record of property entry
  • Easy to manage electronic and biometric access control
  • Web-based security management including alerts and remote video look-in
  • Fire safety solutions to detect and respond to natural and man-made disasters
  • Fire panel monitoring with real-time visibility, automated detection and notification of abnormal conditions

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