Tyco Integrated Fire & Security works with ULC as active members of various fire-alarm related Standards Development committees in the development and updates to the Standards specific to Canada which are related to Fire Alarm Systems. We collaborated as part of ULC assembled committees to contribute to recently published updates to CAN/ULC-S536 Inspection of Fire Alarm Systems, CAN/ULC-S537 Verification of Fire Alarm Systems, CAN/ULC-S524 Installation of Fire Alarm Systems to ensure Canadian interests are paramount as these Standards evolve.

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) is an independent product safety testing, certification and inspection organization.  ULC’s time-tested system supports governmental product safety regulations, and it complements federal, provincial, and municipal public safety initiatives. ULC also works with other governments and international safety systems to help further international trade with adherence to local and international safety requirements.

  • Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Customer Monitoring Centres (CMC) are industry leading and many have achieved a number of Underwriters Laboratories (ULC) certifications. 

These certifications include:

  • ULC Certification for Burglar Alarm Systems Central Station Service
  • ULC Certification for Fire Alarm Central Station Service
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Certification of Compliance for Central Station Monitoring Service

In addition, many Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Sales and Service Offices (SSO) have achieved ULC Certification to sell, install and support the following:

  • Central Station Burglary services
  • Central Station Fire Alarm services
  • Mercantile Alarm services
  • Local, Auxiliary, Remote, and Proprietary Station burglar alarm services
  • Local, Auxiliary, Remote, and Proprietary Station fire alarm services

ULC’s overall program of evaluating products for safety and participating in national code development significantly enhances the public’s well-being.