Get the facts on improving your operations and your workplace safety. Take advantage of our online collection of brochures and fact sheets. They are a quick way to capture insights on how we can help protect your people and property and optimize many of your everyday business processes.

Total Security Management Made Simple

Security integration is now made easy through Total Security. We know protecting your customers, employees and properties is essential to your business. That’s why choosing the right technology security solution is important. Find Out More

Enhanced Remote Management with Integrated Security

When it comes to setting up the right security solutions for your operation, the process doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Typically, there are many options to weigh when choosing the right manufacturer, product features and provider. However, there is now a simplified solution that brings together a handful of security technology offerings into one. Find Out More

Cloud-based Video

We expect to get the information we need, when we need it, no matter where we are. Today’s cloud-based video surveillance tools meet those expectations by providing advanced security that’s always on and easy to use. Find Out More

Video Surveillance in the Cloud

Businesses are embracing cloud technology in many aspects of their operation, including with their video management solutions (VMS), because it can often prove to be more secure and efficient than enterprise-based applications. Find Out More

SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES Addressable Notification Solutions

SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES addressable notification appliances provide the new direction for safety: highly flexible, cost-effective and easy to design, install, maintain and expand. Find Out More

The Conversation of Care

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security has the technology, knowledge and experience to design, install and integrate communications solutions that become game-changers for our clients—helping you increase productivity, improve workflow, and better fulfill your institution’s patient care mission. Find Out More

XAD Remote Air-Sampling Smoke Detection System

The Simplex XAD Air-Sampling Smoke Detector is an excellent solution for challenging duct applications, as well as restricted areas such as prison cells and the top of elevator shafts when smoke detection is required by code. Find Out More

SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES 5900 Series

Advanced LED technology and a streamlined design make TrueAlert ES 5900 Series appliances smaller, more energy efficient and less obtrusive than other appliances. Find Out More

Customer Satisfaction 2015 Annual Report

The 2015 Customer Satisfaction Annual Report is a reflection of that commitment. The goal behind our customer satisfaction program is simple: to measure how well we’re doing in meeting your needs and providing a world-class customer experience. Find Out More

teleCARE IP Senior Living Solution

The Ascom teleCARE IP wireless call system is designed to lower your risk profile, enhance the safety and satisfaction of your residents and boost caregiver productivity. Find Out More