Effective time management is essential to every business and institution. Tracking attendance, coordinating payroll, synchronizing employee activity, monitoring labour and costs, and validating dated documents are just a few time management considerations. Whether you’re looking for standard clocks, synchronized time products, time recorders, time/date stamps, Wireless GPS Clock Systems, Power over Ethernet technology or custom solutions, we can help you keep track of time and streamline your operations.

Solutions To Help You Control Time

  • Comprehensive array of clocks, master time and control systems, and time recorders
  • Track attendance and payroll for better record keeping
  • Date-stamp important documents to establish a timeline
  • Use Network and GPS systems to synchronization your facility
  • On-site Full Coverage annual contracts help minimize downtime

How We Can Help You

  • Master Time Control

    Master Time Control

    Synchronization is a key element in managing any business or facility. We can help you keep your facility and people running on the same clock. >

  • Time Recording

    Time Recording

    Keep your business from slowing down. Feature-rich time recording products add speed and accuracy to your tracking. >

  • Time And Date Stamping

    Time And Date Stamping

    Every business needs date validation. We have versatile products that can be used as clocks or stamps to help you simplify organization and provide proof of when documents were received and processed. >

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Why We Can Help You

  • AS1000 video

    AS1000 video

    Tyco Integrated fire & Security’s AS1000 system automatically calculates worked hours including overtime while tracking benefit time for up to 1,000 employees.  View comprehensive payroll and attendance data on screen, printed reports, or exported to your existing payroll system for a seamless punch to paycheck solution.

  • AS2000 video

    AS2000 video

    The AS2000 is a complete time, attendance and access control system using face recognition technology to instantly identify employees.  It provides a touchless, hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers, while still eliminating the need for cards and badges.  Employees simply look at the clock and within seconds are identified and clocked in for work.

  • How To: Time Stamp Adjustment

    How To: Time Stamp Adjustment

    Simplex Time/Date stamps have countless applications.  Banks use them to validate deposit slips, brokerages to register the sale of securities, hotels to document receipts, reservations, requests and more.  So, when you're time/date stamp needs adjusting, we're here as your resource.


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