Mitigate risk with intelligent solutions. Our loss prevention specialists utilize leading solutions, systems and strategies to help retailers and businesses reduce their losses from shrinkage, as well as employee and customer theft. Our intelligent solutions incorporate a variety of loss prevention systems, technologies and devices — along with integrated management solutions — to deliver the best loss prevention for retailers and other businesses with inventory and profits to protect.

The Benefits Of Loss Prevention

  • Reduce theft and shoplifting with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
  • Track your inventory with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID
  • Use Source Tagging to reduce losses and cut labour costs
  • Protect ATMs against skimming and other types of theft
  • Gain inventory intelligence to prevent out-of-stock or overstock situations
  • Understand traffic and inventory movement to increase profitability
  • Value-added services for enterprise fire security management

How We Can Help You

  • Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking

    Monitoring the real time movement of physical assets and inventory. >

  • Inventory Intelligence

    Inventory Intelligence

    Solutions to help you keep tighter control of your inventory, with item level visibility to track stock levels and prevent theft. >

  • Source Tagging

    Source Tagging

    The industry’s most advanced source tagging solutions to help eliminate loss and reduce labour costs. >

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