When you’re using an advanced fire safety solution that is reliable, flexible and survivable, peace of mind is the greatest benefit. Help protect your people and property with our market-leading systems. They can be tailored for a wide range of buildings, applications and markets, and our technology and comprehensive maintenance can make your job easier by improving serviceability, reducing costs and saving time.

Increase Your Fire Protection Peace of Mind:

  • Next-generation life safety platforms for added power, Internet connectivity and remote service capabilities
  • Flexible, reliable, cost-effective and highly scalable systems that can grow and expand as buildings change and life safety needs evolve
  • Notification systems that provide you and emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency
  • Addressable notification that offers less disruption of operations and more business continuity
  • Networked solutions to enable control from a single location
  • Unique ability to work with systems from any manufacturer means that all your systems work together as an integrated whole*
  • Local offices to offer consistency, uphold standards and keep your premises in compliance with local codes and regulations
  • 24/7 service from our skilled technicians
*Restrictions may apply, based on manufacturer requirements

How We Can Help You

  • Control Panels

    Control Panels

    Our fire alarm control panels are available with a range of capacities and feature sets, making it easier to find the right choice for your application. >

  • Notification


    We’ve reinvented notification, which means better protection, more value and lower costs for engineers, installing contractors and building owners. >

  • Network Solutions

    Network Solutions

    Networked technology brings your information to one location, giving you better command and control. >

  • Smoke Detector And Carbon Monoxide Detection

    Smoke Detector And Carbon Monoxide Detection

    Job number one is to protect your people and property, but that doesn't have to include frequent nuisance disruptions. Our detection systems help you avoid unwelcome distractions in the workplace. >

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