Electronic access control systems that offer smart ways to manage access for commercial and industrial facilities. These solutions integrate a range of electronic access control devices, locks and systems with management tools to help you control who has access to your offices, facilities and operations. We offer complete support in the layout, installation and assessment of these systems. Beyond security, our electronic facility access control technology delivers valuable business intelligence, allowing you to know who is entering and leaving your facilities, as well as the time and duration of the visit, all while keeping a record of activity relating to facility access.

A Complete, Turnkey Access Control Solution

  • A variety of electronic access control systems and devices
  • Electronic access control cards and readers based on leading technologies
  • 24/7 access control management and administration
  • Turnkey access control card programs
  • Easy management of employee and visitor permissions
  • Alarm activity reporting
  • Weekly or monthly email reports
  • Door schedule maintenance
  • Automated software upgrades and backups
  • Holiday schedule management
  • Installation, service and support

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