Expertly managing every phase of development. We offer specialized project management services to help guide your project from initial planning and design through engineering and construction, to final execution and approvals. You’ll have a single point of contact that makes it easier for you to stay on top of everything you need to know.

Our expert fire and life-safety project managers oversee written specifications, orchestrate all installation activities, and provide any coordination needed with engineering firms, contractors, insurance underwriters, local fire departments or other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs). You’ll have the benefit of expert resources at every step, with both national and local support.

Delivering high-value solutions and managing every phase of your project, we help provide customized systems from start to finish. From planning to final systems integration, our solutions provide you with the tools you need to service and support of your business.

Benefits of Professional Project Management

  • All regulatory guidelines and applicable codes are strictly followed; total delivery of the project is in accordance with established criteria
  • Monitoring and management of projects to comply with safety, quality, and productivity requirements
  • Proper staffing on each project for maximum productivity and on-time completion
  • Customized solutions; turnkey system design, engineering and construction services
  • Complete security systems architecture and networking
  • Dedicated project management teams to handle the most complex security assignments

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