Save time and contribute to better inventory control from the stock room to the retail sales floor. Our RFID inventory systems provide inventory tracking, management and loss prevention solutions, while our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags provide item-level visibility of all items in your inventory. We offer RFID systems and software from leading RFID manufacturers, along with RFID specialists from our Retail Solutions team who can show you the best ways to put our RFID systems to work for you. We offer complete design and installation of RFID systems, as well as maintenance, service and technical support.

The Most Flexible, Reliable RFID Solutions

  • Save time and enhance your inventory control measures
  • Track inventory from stock room to retail sales floor
  • Identify and track items without scanning labels or cards
  • Open-standard compatible for future growth
  • Enhanced business intelligence with custom reporting capabilities
  • Active RFID tags, chips, sensors, scanners and devices
  • Printable RFID tags
  • RFID equipment installation and support
  • Design, installation, management, service and support of RFID systems and software
  • Flexible integration with other loss prevention systems

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