Business intelligence solutions that help you work smarter. Using insights to help manage inventories, open-and-close schedules, retail traffic patterns, staffing levels, fleet and asset utilization and more, we provide you with business intelligence solutions that enhance efficiency. Beyond enhanced risk management and loss prevention, our business intelligence solutions provide tools to help maximize profitability, minimize costs and enhance operational performance. We offer solutions for companies engaged in retail, restaurant, pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics, banks, financial services, defence security and other industries.

Business Intelligence Solutions To Take Your Business Beyond Security

  • Video analytics for traffic counting, dwell times and more
  • RFID-enabled inventory solutions for item-level inventory management, visibility and tracking
  • Source tagging of merchandise to save time and labour costs
  • Smart EAS for enhanced inventory intelligence
  • Retail store performance insights including conversion rates and staffing
  • Tools for business optimization and performance monitoring
  • Intelligence that enhances the return on investment (ROI) of your security programs
  • Solutions for retail, restaurant, pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics, banks, financial services, and other industries

How We Can Help You

  • EAS Intelligence

    EAS Intelligence

    Our smart solutions monitor the health of your systems to help ensure optimum retail performance over the long term. >

  • RFID


    Our RFID tags provide item-level visibility to enhance inventory tracking, management and loss prevention throughout your store. >

  • Source Tagging

    Source Tagging

    By tagging merchandise at the point of manufacture, we help prevent theft and reduce labour costs in your stores. >

  • Store Performance

    Store Performance

    Our solutions help increase visibility, reduce loss, improve store operations and enhance the overall customer experience. >

  • Video And Traffic Analysis

    Video And Traffic Analysis

    Gain valuable business intelligence by integrating your video security and surveillance systems in new and smarter ways. >

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Why We Can Help You

  • Retail Security Solutions

    Retail Security Solutions

    Our loss prevention specialists utilize leading solutions, systems and strategies to help retailers and businesses reduce their losses from shrinkage, as well as employee and customer theft.


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